Two of My favorite people Celebrate Love

Two of my very favourite people loaded up the car and all 6 of their children and invited me to come celebrate Kody’s birthday, their family and their love.

This was a pivotal time for their family as their eldest son has recently returned from serving a mission abroad for 2 years, their second born and only daughter was getting ready to head out on her own 18 month mission away, the eldest middle child was graduating high school, and the other 3 boys are growing and changing every second! So we pretty much knocked out a mission portrait session, a senior grad session, an anniversary session, and a whole family session in a two hour span. It was chaos, as it usually is with this bunch, but I love them all so much that I’d gladly take their brand of chaos 100 times over.

I consider them family.

I am thankful to get to be apart of all of these intimate and important moments in their lives. Truly some of the best people I have ever known and I am so thankful to call them my people.

Cheers to your love, Kody + Alanna.

’Cuz without it, none of us would be here and be this blessed.