A Moody and intimate spring wedding

I had the pleasure of meeting Paige a few years ago while she was a guest at a dear mutual friend’s wedding. She complimented me on my work and told me that when she got engaged I’d be her first call in the planning process!

As a photographer, that’s honestly something we hear a lot from guests and bridesmaids, etc. It rarely works out that guests do end up following up when their time comes around to celebrate love.

But Paige stayed connected. And sure enough, I finally got the call.


Sometimes it’s not about having the fanciest room to get ready in, or the most epic remote location for wedding portraits. Sometimes it’s about doing the simplest thing, in the simplest of places, and still finding the absolute beauty and joy in the experience.

Paige + Justin’s day started off with meeting them at the Wilsonville Memorial Park for their first look and wedding portraits. It was a quiet spring morning, surround by fresh grass and new growth, and dense forest in the middle of the city.

This park is home to one of my favorite running trails, but on this day, it was home to a beautiful one-on-one, intimate moment of soon-to-be newlyweds.

A moment they will keep between them forever.

Quiet whispers of “wows” and “I love you’s” only the forest and the couple could hear.

Sometimes it’s just better that way.

They said their vows and made covenants in the Portland, Oregon LDS Temple in Lake Oswego.

Surrounded by family and friends, they went ahead and held the prettiest little lush green dinner reception at Decarli’s restaurant just outside of Portland.

After dinner and dancing, they were sent off with well wishes and love through sparklers and cheers.

A beautiful celebration for the sweetest couple!

Paige + Justin