This might be one of my favourite adventure sessions to date! S+J invited me along a short but tricky little downward hike to this beautiful and mostly hidden falls here in Oregon. They both are adventure seekers and have traveled the world hiking, swimming, backpacking, stargazing in some of the most incredible places. So when they reached out to me to document another adventure for them for their anniversary session, I was thrilled to load up my Jeep and meet them at the beautiful Abiqua Falls, which I hadn’t ever been to before. I love when couples invite me to epic, new-to-me locations! I get such a rush of creativity shooting in places I haven’t been before.

So I will gladly take more of that, pleeeaasseee!!

Shanon is also amazing photogrpaher in her own right, as well! Her and Jeremy used to live in Hawaii when they were stationed there during their Navy years. Which is where they met! In Hawaii, Shanon started doing underwater portrait photography, which is actually how she and I met… in some photography forum on Facebook years ago! I thought she was crazy talented!

Then here and J moved to Oregon for a while, and we connected here! Photographing them in the moody, deep green and black tones of the Santiam State Forest was just what I needed to kick off the summer season! Give me dark shadows, a waterfall and some exposed skin and I’m a happy girl!

Double points if there’s a puppy thrown in there somewhere—which I definitely DO NOT recommend bringing on this non-trail…

PLEASE NOTE: This hike is not suitable for pets or kids, or anyone who has difficulty climbing. You’ll need some shoes with traction, a strong grip and some upper body strength to get both down and UP on the way back.

Also, an off-road vehicle. When I say this spot is a hidden gem off the beaten path, I mean that to the Nth degree. There are no signs, and the “gravel” road is more like a boulder road. So hopefully you have good tires. Also, the tree coverage down there means that it gets very dark after dusk, so if going here for photos or anything else, please do consider going and leaving before sunset, or else you will get stuck in some pretty spooky woods.

And as always, be safe, tell someone where you are going—i think there is little to no cell reception down there should you get stuck and need to call for help—and PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES!!! Stay on trails, no open flames, and follow all park guidelines if any.

Let’s all help to keep Oregon as beautiful, clean and pristine as we can. Unfortunately, this is stolen Native land we have been privileged to temporarily enjoy.

Do the right thing, always, and respect the environment so that others may enjoy it after you’ve gone.